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    Technical Support Specialist (WordPress)

    Employment Type : Full Time / Work From Home

    we are trying to find kind , helpful, support and all friendly people to join our growing support team. which can further enhance technical all team.

    You like to assist more in making technical and non-technical, and solve difficult issues easily, you're a superb person. we are finding such persons.

    You are a self-starter and excellent buddy.


    • Reply to assist questions on the Xolo theme & our other production.
    • Respond questions in our technical help support team.
    • Write down detailed error reports with replica steps for our developers to mend.
    • The write latest document as well as update already existing articles as requirement.

    Who are we?

    can make a team of passionate, writers. From support, developers, marketers, content specialists, and more.

    start up as an internet content writer, we realized that there had to be a far better some wait to builds clients’ websites content faster.

    Your contents will form a core a neighborhood of our broader content strategy. you'll be an integral a neighborhood of a increasing rapidly content team in a superb fast developing company.

    What Are we discover Out ?

    You are a like-minded person. usually, people write in to assist as they're disappointed, as a assist person, it is your work to understand what they are saying, hear their difficulties, and to then assistance .

    If you want to form a difference. we have got many customers write in to us on a everyday. As a part of the technical assist team, you will be making a true difference to actual guys.

    Do you fetch and Who are you?

    • Sympathy for client.
    • Impassioned about giving superb assist.
    • Good command of english.
    • Minimum above 2 years of experience with technical support specialist.
    • Courteous and comprehension.
    • Knowledge of problem-solving and experience.
    • The inquisitiveness to learning and increase.

    What We Provide You?

    We believe working closely and bringing the best effective get in one another . We are a enjoy, supportive, and inventive group of people . We will provide you:

    • A Excellent salary provide.
    • Work with join us Full Time / Work From Home​.
    • The golden opportunity to learned and rapidly increasing team.
    • The opportunity for your task to be seen and liked by many thousands of individuals.
    • Fully freelance & full time work. Want to task from anywhere? this may be the work for you.

    Sound Like A Decent Fit?

    If you would like to apply for this position? the applying form is given on this page, please fill the form.