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Light Weight & Fast Optimized Templates For Your Website. Simply Import Then Change Website Content.

Performs Concentrated.

No JQuery

Xolo using JavaScript that stops render blocks jQuery to come in the route and influence perform.

Under 50 kb

Xolo requires below 50 kb of resources as compared by the other WordPress themes.

Load in 1 half second

Xolo is formed for motion and fully optimize for performance. it loads and in under 1 seconds.

Most optimize code.

Xolo uses normal WordPress data and ensure standards to form sure that each of code is most optimized.

Mighty Design Options.


Utilize layouts to manage the layout of the online website container just like the blogs, headers, posts etc.

Header & Footer Option

Xolo arrives with several built-in header & footer options that can be expanded further with the Xolo Pro.

Transparency Header

A set a transparency header background & pulls the page up. we can use of transparency header.

Sticky Header Pro

It is a header of like this that sticks on top of the page even when the user scrolls.

Mobile Header Pro

You can customized and adjustment header breakpoints. you'll set for mobile a different colors, log etc.

Page Header Pro

May be add custom page headers to indicate on specific pages and posts of your website.

Mega Menu Pro

Make best template along side your page builder to united a layout within a mega menu on your site.

Typography & Color Pro

you can use typography & color. that merge well together with your brand.

Devoted Sidebar

you can make a page specific sidebars that may override the settings of the sidebar on your site.


Xolo is fully WooCommerce helps design your store via the customizer itself.

Website Layouts

Boxed Pro

Xolo lets you display your primary content in a boxed layout to it from, that other content be different.

Full width Pro

Xolo comes with a by default full width layout that permits you utilize website.

Padded Pro

You may be inserted specific margins on the edges of the content to supply it a soft look.

Fluid Layout Pro

Xolo provide you an choise to choose the fluid layout that you just spread site end of the screen.

Spacing Control Pro

To spacing control of xolo permits you to manage the margin and padding.

Default Container

Xolo provide you a default container, container is a section where we display the content.


Google Fonts

Xolo allow you choise to as many different fonts you get retrive excellent typography for your site.

Custom Fonts

Use a custom font on your site with the free custom fonts plugin. that ever you like.

Responsive Font Size

Xolo permits you to regulate your typography size consistent with the device it'll be watch on.

Paragraph Margin Option

Xolo allow select to manage the spacing between paragraphs & around them using margin option.

Font Size PM, EM, %

You can to use your preferred unit like as EM, PX, % etc to determine the font size. which you prefer to.

Text Transform

You can choise a consistent text format for a specific heading tag. xolo supports your text transforms.

Background & Color

Primary Header

Xolo provide you a chain of select to control the background & color in the primary header on your site.

Above Header Pro

With Xolo you'll manage the background & colours on you above header.

Below Header Pro

By xolo you'll be able to convert the colour and background in your below header.

Transparent Header

Xolo provides a setting. that you can set various colors and modify them easy on the transparent header.

Sticky Header Pro

Xolo provide you a chain of select to control the background & colors in the sticky header on your site.

Content Pro

Xolo provide an simple interface to manage the colors of apart varieties of content from one place.

Blog / Archive

Xolo provide a customizer setting. that you can manage the colors and background on your blog page.

Single Page

Xolo provide a customizer setting. you can manage background & colour & them you can control.


You can make so using xolo colors and background settings within the customizer.


Xolo provide you different select to manage colors on the footer to, sidebar and the general pages.

Blog Layouts

Grid Layout Pro

Display all of your blog post in a grid layout on your blog page using the blog layouts in the xolo theme.

List Layout Pro

You can make a blog post to display during a list layout that will place each post one after the other.

Masonary Layout Pro

If you would like to display masonry layout. so you'll display all post with the best layout of xolo.

Hightlight Fast Post Pro

If you want to make sure they have read you primary post or not. xolo permit you to show the first post.

Date Box Pro

Xolo permit you to display a date box for all post element. present the publish date stylish.

Excerpt Count Pro

You'll recevied concerned excerpts to be displayed with every post on the blog page.

Blog Structure Control

You can managing. whence individual posts are display on a blog page.

Blog Content Width

You may be manage the content width of your blog page utilizing the Blog content width alternative.

Post Pagination Pro

Xolo permit you to incorporate style pagination to distribute your blog post with in several page.

Infinite Loading Pro

You can choose the infinite loading option. so that can keeps loading blog posts on a similar blog page.

Global Designs Options

Left Logo Header

Xolo allow us your display your company logo on the left side of your header.

Center Logo Header

Xolo allow us your display your company logo on the centeral side of your header.

Right Logo Header

Xolo allow us your display your company logo on the right side of your header.

Mobile Header Designs

Xolo provide to feature breakpoints and display, the hamburger menu etc to your needs of your website.

Above Header Content

Xolo allow you include all types of content within your website's above header. like html code, widget etc.

Below Header Content

Xolo allow you include all types of content within your website's below header. like html code, widget etc.

Above Header Layout

Xolo permit you to manage & control the layout of your above header along side the content thereon.

Below Header Layout

Xolo permit you to manage & control the layout of your below header along side the content thereon .

Flexible Footer Layouts

Xolo provides the option for a flexible layout select to add different type of content such as widget.

Footer Bar Layout

Xolo allow you choose the proper layout you wish display with the footer bar layout on your website.


Grid Settings Pro

Xolo WooCommerce module allows you to show your products in a grid layout.

Infinite Scroll Pro

you can selection infinite to load of all the product when users scroll down.

Off Canvas Sidebar Pro

Xolo allow you to feature an off canvas sidebar on the store page. this will be click through a button.

Quick View Pro

Xolo allows you to have enable the quick view option and users closer look .

Gallery Options Pro

You can show all of your products in a product gallery on your store page. you'll set the layout as grid or other.

Dropdown Cart Pro

As using xolo with WooCommerce , you'll show a dropdown cart that permission users look the products.

Sales Bubble Style Pro

You may be display nice sales bubbles on your products that encourage quick buy & boost sales.


LifterLMS Pro

Xolo allow styling option for lifterlms pages. at with styling, allow usable feature like free checkout.

LearnDash Pro

Xolo LearnDash integrates to assist you build a user-friendly and attractive website to offer.

Schema Integrated

This schema markup permit search engines to raised understand our site and show better search results.

SEO Optimized

For build a good site structure, xolo comes with inbuild schema markup it will be a seo friendly theme.

Custom Layouts

Custom Header Pro

If you would like to form custom header so you can create with your favorite page builder & use it on site.

Custom Footer Pro

If you'd wish to form custom footer so you can create with your favorite page builder & use it on site.

Custom 404 Page Pro

By xolo, you'll be able to design an awesome custom 404 page with content of your likes.

Custom Layout-Hooks

By hooks you'll inject custom code and content anywhere you wish to include them.

Display Conditions Pro

You may be select specific pages across the entire website a you'd wish to suggests them informed.